Online Courses for Parents of Girls

Girls’ Friendships 101: Everything Parents Need to Know

Have you often felt at a loss as to how to help your daughter with her tricky and ever-changing friendships? In this course, I have answered every question I have been asked regarding girls’ friendships over the last 30 years. It’s full of effective strategies to help you help your daughter have friendships that feel good. Learn More…


Talking to Teens: Tools for a Happy Household

Communicating with adolescents can be challenging! Do you want your child to be kinder and more respectful? Do you want fewer power struggles and more calm and ease in your house? Learn More…


How to Connect With Your Daughter

Have you had moments where you didn’t feel connected to your daughter? You feel her pulling away. You have more and more “crunchy” moments and it doesn’t feel good. Would you like to feel more connected than you already are...more laughs, more smiles, more hugs, more ease? It can be hard to connect with our girls during the time that they are separating from us. Ready to enjoy your daughter even more? This course is for you. Learn More…


Teaching Our Girls to Love Themselves

It is heartbreaking as a parent to see your child put herself down, have little confidence and not believe in herself. Girls can have an inner mean voice that talks way too much.

As parents, we want them to see themselves how we see them. We want them to know who they are, to make self-honoring choices and to love themselves. Learn More…


Girls’ Friendships 101: Breakups, Blow Offs & Rejections Mini-Course

Has your daughter been ignored, left out or dumped by a friend? Are you at a loss on how to help her recover? I have answers for you. Learn More…


Lectures & Limits: Talking to Teens Mini-Course

Are you exhausted by the nagging and her push back? Are you unclear about what the rules should be and how to get her to follow them? This course is for you. Learn more…


Growing Your Daughter’s Confidence Mini-Course

It’s hard to see your daughter lack the confidence to be who you know her to be, to see her not speak up or go after what she wants or try new things. This course gives you the tools to teach her to raise her self-confidence! Learn More…


Teens + Parents: Increasing the Good Moments Mini-Course

What does your daughter want from you? How can you have less friction and more closeness? In this mini-course, I share what girls have been telling me for the last 30 years that they want from their parents to create a rewarding, fulfilling relationship. Learn More...


Letting Go of Your “Little” Girl

She’s growing up – maybe faster than you would like. How can you help her with that process without losing your connection and without pulling your hair out with worry? Learn More…


Empowering Your Socially Anxious Teen

Is your daughter shy or introverted? Does she struggle to make friends or maintain friendships? This will help. Learn More…


Creating Happiness 

What if you could be happier — starting today?

Through exercises and self-exploration, Barb challenges listeners to embark on a new path to greater happiness. The practical tools that she shares are so simple, yet so effective. Learn More…


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